Anshu Singh

Breath Facilitator, founder of the Pleasure movement, E-RYT 200

Anshu Singh is an International yoga teacher, breath work facilitator, intuitive energy healer mindfulness coach, mother of two and all round advocate for joyful healthy living, at present calling Bali her spiritual home. Being born in India and through exposure to her mother’s practice, yoga has been a part of her life since her childhood. Throughout her pursuit of ‘the American Dream,’ it was yoga that ultimately became the catalyst for her shift from corporate culture to spirituality.

Anshu is passionate to bring fitness oriented yoga back to its ancient roots and essence. She has been teaching people to create their own home practice of yoga and meditation. Anshu is also very passionate about helping young women reconnect with themselves, their purpose and awaken their sexual life force and creative energy.She has gone through dramatic transformation since her young years as she went on a path to finding her feminine essence.

Anshu shares her wisdom with women through tantra women’s circles and one on one coaching. She is also the founder of Be Healthy Mindfully, through which she assists people to improve their lives holistically.