Often referred to as “The Island of the Gods”, Bali is a majestic gem whose natural beauty never ceases to tantalize the senses.  Lush green jungles and terraced rice fields exude serenity.  Glittering black and white sand beaches, turquoise waters. and palm tree fringed coastlines lure surfers, divers, and sun worshipers from all over the world. Bali boasts impressive volcanoes, beautiful lakes, hot springs, and waterfalls but by far what makes Bali the island of the Gods are the people.


The vibrant culture of the Balinese people will leave an imprint on your heart forever. Their devotional nature, genuine smiles, tolerance and peaceful spirits are cultivated from youth.  Bali has a very unique expression of Hinduism which can be seen in their colorful ceremonies and traditions that are still very much alive and a part of their everyday life.  Their sacred rituals begin at sunrise, prayers and offerings are made, and the smell of incense fills the streets. The ceremonies follow a religious calendar based around the moon cycle, so some days are more auspicious than others to perform certain tasks. Distinct gamelan music is played though the streets during ceremonies and often can be heard at night when they practice with their local community.  The holy, adorned temples are still respected and honored. The traditional Balinese vernacular architecture is rich in artistic design and the abundance of natural resources in Bali has inspired some of the most popular contemporary design in Asia.  Balinese still live in communities known as banjars.  Each person fulfills a sense of duty and is an active participant in making sure the welfare of the community remains intact. The Balinese have a profound appreciation for maintaining balance and understand that good does not exist without the bad and they honor, celebrate, and respect the principles of the light and of dark.

It is truly inspiring to observe a culture so alive and flourishing in the midst of western development and influence. The energy of Bali has a powerful magnetism which can be felt for all who are blessed to live on this beautiful island. Once you have felt it for yourself, you will always feel Bali in your heart and it is a love affair that will have you coming back for more.