A word from our friend

As someone who works within the heath and fitness industry, I hold high expectations from other instructors and I’m pleased to say that Nicole completely fulfil’s all of my expectations and more. I’ve been attending Nicole’s classes for over three years now and I continue to learn, be challenged and be inspired by her. She’s very thorough in explaining how to make your way into each pose along with regressions and progressions, how to make adjustments and what organ or body system each pose has an effect on. Nicole is a fountain of knowledge in yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness and her love of sharing her knowledge to others shines through her character in every word and exchange. Nicole is the epitome of a zen yogi warrior with a nurturing style.
— Suzi Christie, Australia, fit food relax retreats

Naomi and I host a Business and Balance retreat each year at the beautiful Hotel Komune Resort which includes a daily yoga practice with Yoga Bali. Each year our yoga sessions quickly become a favourite part of our retreat, as it’s important to be still and focus inwards as a regular part of our day.

Nicole, Lisa and the team are amazing instructors and Nicole in particular has an intuitive sense of knowing exactly what we need without this being communicated to her. Each year Nicole has started our first yoga practice, before our first business session, with the perfect introduction to our week! Her ability to feel the energy in the room and understand what we need is an amazing gift and one that we are so grateful to have her share with us during our yoga practice. Each of the yoga Shalas at Hotel Komune are beautiful in their own right and have such a great feel when you step inside.

Many of our retreat participants have never practiced yoga before and we have found that a lot of them return to their respective home towns and continue with their yoga practice, which we think is the best!

We couldn’t recommend the Yoga Bali team at Hotel Komune highly enough, whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for many years, you will love it!
— Naomi Findlay & Fiona Thurlow, Australia

It was such a wonderful treat to discover Nicole on our travels to Bali!

Being a yoga teacher myself, it was such a wonderful experience to have the privilege of being a student whilst on holiday, and to practice under Nicole’s ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT tutelage. I have met and studied under many exceptional teachers over the years and Nicole is one of the best sequencers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I learnt so much and am going home inspired by her teaching. I will definitely be back to Komune for more as soon as I can!
— Mandy, Cape Town, SA

I met Nicole 4 yrs ago whilst running a fitness Retreat at her resident yoga gig at komune resort. Her warm friendly nature, professional approach to myself and my clients was outstanding! Not only did she specifically Tailor our practice to our requirements (our bodies were adjusting to heat and intense workouts) she did it so effortlessly! She made the newest of yogis feel supported all while assuring to deepen the poses for those of us that practice regularly. I look forward to working with this inspirational woman in her exciting new adventures!
— Ange Kounelis, Studio Owner

There’s a lightness and a brightness to her! Dedicated to individual needs. Offering up flow classes with ever changing music. Easy to connect mind, body and soul in Lindsey’s class.
— Suzi R.

Lindsey is a great instructor for both beginners and more advanced students. When taking a beginner class with Lindsey, I love the way she breaks down every pose and movement into small steps, and describes each one at a time, so that I am able to keep my focus inward, and just listen and follow. Her instructions are delivered in a wonderful clear and calm voice, of just the right level, to be heard, but not to overpower.
— Suzanna S.

I was motivated to take Krystal Pearson’s Kundalini Yoga classes because I desire to embody grace, radiance and compassion the way Krystal does. Krystal’s Kundalini Yoga teaching  provides clarity, inspiration and the opportunity for transformation. From the very first one, I was hooked. I experience a shift within myself at every class. Krystal teaches with her words, body, and more importantly by example; she walks her talk. She is my kind of teacher. Krystal Pearson is a blessing to me, my daughters and many of my friends.
— Elizabeth Reynolds, Master Aromatherapist

Nicole is a highly talented yoga teacher, who we’ve had the pleasure of practicing with and learning from over the last 4 years. Her style is a perfect blend of theory / philosophy and movement. She makes the classes fun and dynamic, as well as warm and personable. Whereas many yoga classes can feel intimidating, Nicole’s classes feel really welcoming, allowing even novices to feel comfortable on the mat.
— Carrie Mckeegan, United States
“Nicole’s classes really open your mind and heart and you walk away with a sense of clarity. Nicole creates a beautiful, calming atmosphere in her classes, she takes you through physical postures but also teaches philosophy to help you work through your own thoughts and beliefs. I felt like I was walking on clouds after her classes. I wish I could attend them everyday. Nicole has a beautiful aura and is a true yoga goddess”
— Kat Gray Australia