Lindsey Weinstein

E-RYT-200, E-RYT 500, RPYT

Lindsey began practicing yoga in 2003 and knew right away she had found something profound. Having discovered through her own dedicated practice yoga's self-empowering and healing effects, she began formal study, receiving her 500-hour professional teacher training certification through YogaWorks under her mentor, Erika Trice in 2011. Her teaching is greatly influenced by the YogaWorks method, a blend of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Viniyoga lineages.  She also studied the art of relaxation with Judith Hanson Laster, PT, and continues to study with Maty Ezraty, original founder of YogaWorks.  With over 700 hours of study, Lindsey has come to realize, the more she learns, the more there is to know. 

Lindsey Weinstein is a Mom, a Certified Child Birth Educator (CBE), and a Registered Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT). Working with pregnant & postpartum women has fast become one of her favorite ways to share yoga's vast benefits and it's profound teachings. Lindsey  joined her two passions to create BellyFull Birth SF

 Lindsey studied pre & postnatal yoga with Jane Austin of Mama Tree Yoga, in San Francisco and has completed Leslie Howard's Yoga for Pelvic Floor Teacher Training. Having herself been a student of pre & postnatal yoga, Lindsey found the benefits of this particular type of practice immeasurable, and is determined to share those benefits with as many pregnant & postpartum women as possible. Lindsey feels passionately about empowering women on their journey to birth and beyond and has a sense that by sharing the teachings of yoga with these women, she is sharing the benefits of yoga with future generations!

 Her classes are thoughtfully crafted to connect mind, body, breath and intention. Her focus on proper alignment and breath awareness guides your focus deeper and ensures that you are practicing safely.  Classes often include restorative postures to rest deeply and counter life's daily stressors, both big and small. 

 Lindsey’s teaching is most influenced and inspired by her own journey and practice, by being a mom,  by students, by teachers/mentors and above all, by the unabashed wisdom of Mother Nature. Lindsey believes that if everyone on earth had the opportunity to practice yoga, our world would be a better place.