Mark Hill

Originally from South Africa, Mark is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant who has has been in the health and fitness industry for ten years.  He has owned his own personal training and injury rehab studio in Durban, South Africa and has a slightly different outlook on fitness. To him, fitness is not about quick fixes, miracle pills, fitness challenges, bathroom selfies and beach body workouts.

Mark has helped clients of all ages and limitations reach their personal goals. He specializes in training high performance athletes and has worked with some of the top surfing, cycling and disabled athletes in South Africa. Once a competitive surfer and still an avid downhill mountain biker and surfer, he has suffered many injuries and has had to work with several physiotherapists, chiropractors and surgeons. This has given him a unique understanding of biomechanics and how the body works, this understanding  carries through to his Personal Training where he now specializes in Injury rehabilitation, functional training and sports specific training.

Mark believes health and fitness must be a consistent, evolving, progressing part of daily life, no matter ones’s age, gender or physical limitations.  He Believes the main focus of being physically fit should be to improve one’s physical and mental strength, quality of life and promote healthy aging. If overall body performance and health is your main focus the aesthetics will follow naturally, guaranteed.

For Mark, fitness is his life and his passion and he feels grateful to be doing what he loves. This passion gives him a unique understanding of the body, all its boundaries and how to work to potentially overcome obstacles if need be.  Mark’s classes are well planned and focus on giving the client a well-balanced all around safe, functional and fun workout.