Nicole Cain

Originally from California USA, Nicole's passion for travel, and adventure led her to make a dramatic decision to take a leave of absence from Nursing school in San Diego to follow her heart to do what made her feel the most alive; snowboarding. She had no idea that this simple decision would forever change the course of her life. She packed up her car and moved to Vail, Colorado. It is here that she was first introduced to Buddhist philosophy which ignited something in her to seek a deeper understanding of Self and cultivate a meditation practice. She continued her adventure traveling through Mexico and Europe when she realized she had been truly bitten by the travel bug.

She continued to follow her heart, changed her major to Spanish, and applied to study abroad in Chile. She went on to travel through South America following an inner calling to understand traditional medicine and shamanism which led her to explore Sacred plant medicine at an early age.  Her experiences which followed are what she feels to be the biggest catalyst to her awakening and yet also what would propel her on her own path of healing, on which she would eventually discover her dharma, or purpose as a teacher.  

After her travels through South America, Nicole began to experience a whirlwind of symptoms, such as chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog. severe IBS, and insomnia which could not be diagnosed as any specific Western condition, but which forced her to literally stop her in her tracks and change her way of living. Through this intense journey of trying to understand her symptoms and heal herself, her interest in holistic medicine became her passion, and she taught herself as much as she could though reading about a variety of different alternate health modalities . She went on to  study Holistic Nutrition at the Nutritional Therapy Institute in Colorado and Ayurvedic Medicine at the California College of Ayurveda.

She moved to Indonesia in 2006, where she has since cultivated her life as a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Educator. Nicole is currently the lead yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Health Educator at Hotel Komune Resort in Bali. She is passionate about teaching people the heart of yoga and Ayurveda. Her classes are deeply inspiring as she draws wisdom from her own personal path of healing and combines it with her in depth knowledge of Eastern philosophy, Western Science, yogic philosophy and Ayurveda. Her classes are strong, intelligently sequenced and highly focused on precise alignment yet always sewn with seeds of yogic philosophy, attention to breath and physical body sensations. Her goal is to have her students cultivate mindfulness, reconnect to themselves, deepen their awareness of Self and their own inner wisdom. She will challenge you to remain light and playful as you approach your practice and come up against your limitations and remind you not to take yourself to seriously, to honor your body and remember that yoga is not a competition.

Nicole is a student at heart and is always seeking out opportunities to expand her own knowledge and stay inspired. She has a deep gratitude and love for Mooji whom she considers her spiritual teacher. She completed her first 200 hour vinyasa yoga training with Judit Varga in Sanur at the Power of Now Oasis, 100 hour Yin training with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch, 300 hour training with Radiantly Alive Yoga in Ubud, She also completed a second 200 hour level course with Yoga Works founder Maty Ezraty and then for fun a 50 hour fly high yoga course with Pedro Salazar. She is always learning by partaking in workshops with amazing teachers such as Jason Crandell, Noah Maze,and Simon Borg Olivier. She is the founder of SUP yoga Bali, Sattva Yoga Bali, and is highly inspired by teachers Tim Senesi, Stephanie Snyder, and Jason Crandell.

Nicole is the mother to a beautiful boy named Eli and loves nature, travel, longboard surfing, warm water, tropical climates, and delicious, healthy food. She is down to earth and feels very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to live this life as an inspiring teacher, sharing with others what she loves most.