Salty Breeze Bali


Follow your heart to Bali...

We are super excited to have found a true gem on the Bukit peninsula of Bali to host our 2020 Yoga Teacher Trainings. Set on the cliffs overlooking the pristine white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters of Green Bowl Beach and Pantai Pandawa, Salty Breeze Bali is our new home away from home! Salty Breeze is set back just enough to get the pure peace and quiet of sacred Bali but close enough to still hear the sound of the waves crashing and yes of course, feel the salty breeze. This place is truly a heart felt dream which has come into fruition. Be ready to feel the soulful vibe of traditional Indonesian houses infused with the ambiance of modern boutique elegance and comfort. It’s the perfect blend of rustic and luxury which basically summarizes the heart and soul of Bali living. We feel super blessed to host our trainings here to share the stoke and amazing vibes that this place has to offer.

In addition to learning about yoga and going on your own personal journey, we also feel it’s a priority to share with you the beauty and rich culture that makes Bali so inspiring and of course, we also want to have FUN!!!. Located in the heart of a surfers paradise, you can surf the best waves Bali has to offer, or just chill out on white uncrowded beaches. We will also make a trip to the sacred water temple tirta Empul where you will have the opportunity to do a cleansing ceremony in waters which the Balinese say are holy.