Our Signature Ayuverda Yoga Retreats

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Our Yoga and Ayurveda retreat programs are created for those who are drawn to the incredible energy of Bali because of a desire to make positive changes in their life, who may be moving through a transition or major shift, recovering from illness or injury as well as for those who simply need to take some personal time out to reconnect, rejuvenate and step back into their life with more clarity, focus and energy.  We provide the supportive and beautiful environment for your journey to optimal health. Each of our team members is passionate about what they practice and aim to ensure that you feel and see results during your stay as well as give you the resources to continue your journey towards optimal health when you leave.

Our retreat programs are purposely created to assist the body and mind through a natural detoxification process and rejuvenate the nervous system. Living in modern society requires most of us to live a fast pace lifestyle, which often results in unhealthy habits just to cope with the stress and pressures of everyday existence. Our senses have become inundated, and our attention easily swayed. This chronic state of stress and tension that most people are living with has detrimental effects on our health. Our retreats use the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, breath work, sound therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to release deep seated tensions of the body and mind to restore balance and harmony.  We create the atmosphere necessary for you to detoxify, rejuvenate and experience mental clarity to deepen your connection to Self. We are passionate about the healing arts and in the innate ability for the body to heal and repair itself when given the right circumstances.



The Food

All meals are light and ayurvedically prepared to balance your doshas. The food is created with the intention to give rest to the digestive system, promote greater mental clarity, and physical lightness, increases natural energy levels and promote inner stillness to enhance spiritual connection. 

We choose local, home grown, organic ingredients whenever possible. All meals are 100% vegetarian and non GMO




  • 6 nights private accommodation at hotel Komune

  • 5 hours Ayurvedic spa treatment

  • All meals, and drinks

  • Initial Ayurvedic Consultation and follow up consultation

  • 2 TCM acupuncture sessions

  • one transformational breath session

  • one sound healing session at Pyramids of Chi

  • 1 reiki session

  • A full day trip to Ubud

  • Traditional Melukat purification ceremony

  • Daily yoga and meditation session

  • Ayurvedic lectures and cooking class

  • Essentials of restorative yoga

  • Introduction of fly high and acro yoga




$2500- / Per person

*$500- non refundable deposit to reserve the space in retreat



$3500- / Per Person

*$1000- non refundable deposit to reserve the space in retreat